Spiritual Formation

Spiritual guidance is the deliberate attempt to accompany other people on their journeys into God, and in the process, to share what we have learned as we have made our own journeys.
— Morton T. Kelsey, Companions on the Inner Way


Spiritual Direction

Soul Print Spiritual Formation

"We don't really have to go anywhere to find ‘God', but we usually have to go somewhere to find ourselves." - Dane Anthony

Spiritual Direction, or Soul Care is an intentional and deliberate conversation about the stirrings in one’s inner life.  This is always an invitational conversation; an on-going opportunity to experience deep listening. 

As a Spiritual Director, Dane seeks to create an environment in which we may be as fully present with each other as is possible.  It is his desire to help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself so that you might have relationships with God and with others that are more authentic.  His approach is rooted in the traditional understanding of Spiritual Direction as “holy listening,” a context in which God’s presence directs our conversation and leads us to live more fully. 

Interested in discovering a deeper conversation?

No dreams come just to tell you what you already know. All dreams break new ground and invite you to new understandings and insights.
— Jeremy Taylor

Dream Work

Each of us dreams, whether we remember them or not.  Dreams are a gift from our unconscious life for our waking life to help us know more deeply what our lives are asking of us and offering us.

Ready to explore your dreams more intentionally; to clarify what your dreams desire to teach you?


Don’t search for the the questions. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer.
— Rainer Marie Rilke


Sabbatical Design

A sabbatical or study leave is a concentrated time for reflection, planning, and daily practice.  Dane works individually with clergy and non-profit leaders to custom-design the rhythm and flow of this intentional time away to create wise use of the space and opportunity.