Right Here

Right Here

Stop moving.  Stand in 

one place - this place. 

Breath slowly; in, then out. Repeat. 


Repeat again.Let your 

shoulders drop. Unclench 

your jaw, then slowly close your eyes. 


Listen for your heartbeat; really

listen.  Feel it pulse in

your fingertips. 


Lessen expectations. Under-do your

movements. Request of yourself

time for your soul 


to catch up. Lean

into the wind; feel it

like a tree and test the ground. 


Learn to trust the resilience. 

It would be a treason 

to move quickly - left or right - 


from this place. It is alright to be just 

what you are, who you are, where you are. 

Right here, right now. 


   ~ Dane Anthony




Dane Anthony