Go West ~

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Go West


Recall the days when

everything bore possibility;

When the darkness of your

growing life had not yet

found you. 


Each sun came alive

with anticipation;

each moon casting blurred shadows

on immense dreams. 

The horizons were vast and distant,


still fully beyond imagination.

The secret conversations

would not let loose of you

and gave you shape. 

Then, like a thief in the night,


that day came

in which you began to believe

that you must prove yourself

to the world,

that the unexplored corners


need be left untouched,

and you moved toward mountains

of other's making;

day after day

repeating the party line.


But that deeper voice

would not be hushed;

 would not listen to the harsh demands

to keep silent,

Then one day

you felt a deep tug

and turned ever so slightly

into the heat of the sun;

somehow knowing

that you would not turn back.


Dane Anthony


Dane Anthony